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This web site is not affiliated with the New Bedford public services that is broadcasts. This web site is also not affiliated with the city of New Bedford or any city organization.

This site is used as a hobbyist site only. scannewbedford.com is not responsible for ANY information being broadcast by the scanner feed.

Any donation made to Scan New Bedford is used for maintaining the web site such as: Electricity costs, Hardware Costs (scanner, computer, router and other computer equipment, Web Hosting, Domain Names, etc to name a few. A donation is greatly appreciated no matter the amount, every little bit helps. A donation is not required to listen to the scanner feed and to enjoy the features of the Scan New Bedford web site.

**** Regards to Scan New Bedford's Amazon Store *****

scannewbedford.com DOES NOT OWN OR SELL ANY MERCHANDISE FROM THIS STORE. The store is a affiliate store with other merchants selling their items. we are providing just a quick link to their items. scannewbedford.com does not process any payments or fulfills ANY orders. we are ONLY providing a link to the affiliate. scannewbedford.com makes a very small percentage on the total order processes. we are paid directly from amazon.com once a minimum affiliate amount has been collected from sellers.

if you have any problems with any orders, CONTACT THE SELLER DIRECTLY. again, we do not process or fill ANY orders.